Model Grooming Services

Model Grooming Services

Many New Entrants in the modelling industry has all the requisites to excel into their field but might lack the essentials that characterises a successful modelling enterprise. ARN Events helps models with perfect Grooming techniques that help Aspiring and established models alike in making swift inroads into the fashion world. We have tied up with successful established models and fashionistas who guide you on all aspects of grooming paying attention to each one of our students. The help of established professionals would help you in climbing the ropes of Modelling easily and work as your mentor and guide also.

Model Grooming Services: Benefits

  • They also act as your Networking partners which help you in getting you future works
  • Help you with Portfolio which is industry specialized as well as stands out
  • Insides quick success tips to excel in fashion industry
  • Point out your weaknesses and strength and work to alleviate your weaknesses

All Model Grooming class students are given free portfolio services as well as opportunities to take part in Fashion Shows, Evets, TVC, Ecommerce shoot and others

Limited Seats for Model Grooming Classes

There are only few seats available for Modelling classes and students are chosen post a live event done by Jury panel from fashion Institutes or professionals.


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