Fashion and Modelling Portfolio Shoot

Fashion and Modelling Portfolio Shoot

A quality Fashion shoot and portfolio is a prerequisite for you as an aspiring model to communicate the right message when you are trying to establish yourself. A right portfolio presentation is needed for other to know what are your strengths, which fashion genre you belongs to, what are the fits that you would be finding the future prospective works and most importantly approach your work with confidence. Bangalore is the next fashion hub. Aspiring models sometimes need complete guidance not only about portfolio shoot but also many other aspects, like right demeanour, attitude, Locations, backdrop, gait and many other aspects of first impression building.

ARN Events helps both aspiring and established models with their portfolio shoot. We have both budget category, Medium category and VIP category fashion and photography shoots available so that we cater requirement for quality but affordable Fashion photography. For those who are completely new to fashion industry we have Grooming services available for which portfolio shoot comes as a free addon service.

Portfolio Shoot: What is Covers

Shoot Durations: Ranges from 7 Days to 2 Days Depending on the Portfolio shoot package

Exotic Destinations: For VIP categories, we shoot for exotic locations

Studio Shoot: For all categories 2 days studio shoot is there

Number of Photographs: Ranges from 30 to 50 Depending on the category

Outdoor Shoot: For all categories, Outdoor shoot is there

Makeup/Hair: We also arrange for the makeup and hairstyle

Choreography: Available for VIP and some other categories

ARN Events Portfolio Shoot Bangalore – Add-ons

During portfolio shoot for aspiring models we have many addon services included in the package. We will help them with the right pose, gait, costumes, Hair and Makeup, Choosing the right destinations and accessories.


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