Corporate Events Planning And Management Company

Corporate Events Planning & Management Company

ARN Events is a prominent corporate event management and planning company based out of Bangalore. We have a deep expertise in conducting different genre of corporate events like conferences, seminars, board meet, corporate networking events, business events and press conference. With our vast pool of experienced professionals, we help clients right from conceptualising the event, develop a theme for the event and conducting the events in immaculate manner.

ARN brings together different resources for conducting a successful corporate event of all sizes. With latest technology made available, we ensure that utmost value addition is done to each and every aspect of the corporate event to make it impactful and hassle free.

ARN Events Corporate Management Solutions

We get involved right from conceptualization of the events. Here is the list of corporate solutions that you can avail

We develop a meticulous plan to conduct the event and also come up with Corporate events budget forecast

Big events have a communication strategy to reach the targeted audience. ARN events comes up with a complete communications package to target the audience though both online and offline mediums like Website, Social Media, Podcasts, Influencer marketing etc

We help our clients in searching the right venue that is bet fit between value and budget and also fulfilling the accessibility and ambience criteria.

We help the corporate events conducted based on a theme and also packed with entertainment values as per the requirement of the client

As per client requirement we can manage each and every aspect of travel management such as accommodation, transportation and recreation.


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