Artist and Celebrity Management

Artist and Celebrity Management Services Bangalore – ARN Events

ARN Events is Bangalore Based celebrity and artist management company. We provide celebrity management solution for all types f entertainment events, fashion shows, TV ads and other channels. Besides our established pool of celebrities and models we have fresh faces and talent pool interviewed and selected on daily basis. Whether it be fashion events, theme parties, corporate events, brand endorsements, TVC, E commerce photo shoot or Wedding management we have in our portfolio requisite talent to serve your needs.

Establishes way back in 2007, ARN Events has managed more than 3000+ models and has conducted more than 2000+ Events in different segments. Quality and reliability are the motto of our Clebirty management services.

ARN celebrity and Artist Management Solutions

Following are some of the segment for which we provide Artist Management services

Fashion Shows

TV Ads

Corporate Events

Theme Parties

E Commerce Phot Shoot


Special Events






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